Terms & Conditions for Audio Visual Installation and for Furniture Assembly

1.      Yan Pat Assembly Ltd ABN 42 600 320 465 (“Aussemble”) will provide the services outlined in the quotation, order acknowledgement and/or work order to the customer named on those documents.

2.      The customer acknowledges that Aussemble is providing a service to you as customer independent of the retailer from whom you may have purchased the equipment to be assembled or installed

3.      The customer acknowledges that the retailer may receive a fee from Aussemble for the referral.

4.      These Terms of Business together with the quotation and/or the order acknowledgement will constitute the entire agreement between us relating to the Services (the "Agreement"). The customer acknowledges that all representations, statements, understandings and undertakings either written or oral made before the date of this Agreement will be superseded and replaced by the terms of this Agreement.

5.      Aussemble’s obligations are owed only to you as the customer (and not to any third party connected with you) and only by Aussemble and not by our officers, employees or contractors.

6.      Neither party shall, without the prior written approval of the other and except on such reasonable terms as are determined in writing by the other, assign the Contract or any payment or any other right, benefit or interest there under.

7.      Any variation or addition to this Agreement will only be effective if agreed to by both parties in writing.  We reserve our right, upon such variation or addition, to review and vary our charges, and any estimated timescales or dates for performance of the Services.

Contracting for our services

8.      Our services are offered as a standard package or as a custom solution.

9.      The customer acknowledges that the price and scope of our standard packages are as outlined on www.assembly.com.au and that they are accepting our offer and these terms of business at the time of making the booking with Aussemble.

10.  A contractual agreement for a custom solution will be committed to by both parties upon the customer accepting our written quotation to perform a custom installation at the agreed location, and upon the receipt of the required deposit.

11.  Either of us may (without limiting any other remedy) terminate this Agreement forthwith by giving written notice to the other if the other commits a material breach, or series of breaches resulting in a material breach, of this Agreement and (if capable of remedy) fails to remedy the breach within 15 days after being required by written notice to do so.                                                              

12.  Quotations for custom solutions are valid for 30 days, and include GST at the current prevailing rate at the time of the quotation

13.  Any fee we may charge for trade co-ordination relates to the time taken by us to ensure that services are appropriately scheduled.  We will ensure that any tradesmen that we may refer to you are appropriately licensed however we take no responsibility for their work and their contractual relationship will be directly with you the customer.

Performing the Service

14.  All units, items and accessories will be assembled and installed to the specification laid down in the manufacturer's instructions and as per Australian standards.

15.  All items will be visually checked for signs of external damage only prior to and on the completion of the service.

16.  We will use our best endeavours to perform the services on the dates agreed between us, however these dates are agreed as estimates only and we will accept no liability in respect of any delay in meeting such dates or schedules.

17.  Aussemble will leave the work area in the same state as when we arrived.  All product packaging will be placed in one agreed location on the property, unless prior arrangements have been made to order a skip in which case Aussemble will place all product packaging in a skip providing it is located within 4m of the property.

18.  Our normal installation hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday.  If installation is scheduled to start and/or finish outside these hours, an out of hours surcharge of $90 or $49.50 for audio visual installation or furniture assembly respectively will be payable by the customer.     

19.  Cancellations need to be received at least 48 hrs prior to the organised assembly and installation date.  If the assembler or installers arrive at the premises without prior notice of cancellation a callout fee equivalent to one hour’s fee will be charged.

20.  If additional work is requested by the customer this will be paid for either at the standard package price of that item or at the agreed hourly rate of $90 for an Audio Visual installer or $60.50 for an Assembler.

21.  In the event of a delay to the installation resulting in unproductive time exceeding ¼ hour then the customer will pay for that time at the agreed hourly rate outlined above.

22.  If during the installation the customer requests the installer to relocate some preinstalled items the cost of making good the walls etc will be for the customer’s account.

23.  Aussemble will not be responsible for the quality of any transmitted signal used in any of the items installed.  Antenna and signal quality correction can be coordinated by Aussemble but a trade co-ordination fee will apply.

24.  The customer acknowledges that at Aussemble’s discretion we may use sub contractors to perform all or part of the assembly or installation work.

Paying for the Service

25.  The standard method for accepting payment for standard packages is by credit card taken at the time of booking.  At our discretion we may accept payment at the time of providing the service by credit card, cash or by direct transfer of funds into our bank account.


26.  A deposit will be required for all custom solutions upon the acceptance of the quotation.  This deposit will be equal to 100% of any ancillary equipment to be provided by Aussemble and 50% of the services to be provided.

27.  The final 50% of the cost of a custom installation will become payable at the time of providing the service.

28.  Under no occasion will payment be permitted after leaving the assembly or installation location unless the customer has received formal notification from us in writing of our acceptance of an application to open a credit account

29.  If any amounts payable under this agreement remain payable outside of these terms then the customer shall pay to Aussemble, by way of liquidated damages, $10 plus interest at the rate of 2% per month on the amount outstanding calculated from the due date until payment is made in full.

Rectifying service & equipment issues

30.  Any issues relating to the product should be directed to the retailer where the product was purchased. It is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for the replacement of damaged or faulty goods.  Our assemblers & installers may be able to assist with by describing any fault that they have identified.

31.  Aussemble will undertake remedial work as a direct result of poor workmanship that is identified by the customer within 7 days of the date of the completion of the services.

Our liability to you

32.  We exclude all liability in respect of any indirect or consequential loss, any loss of profit, use, anticipated savings, goodwill, reputation or business contracts, claims brought against you by any third party, or any other form of pure economic loss whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise.

33.  We exclude all liability in respect of any loss, damage or liability of any kind suffered by you or any third party directly or indirectly caused by modifications, adjustment, repairs or remedial work carried out by you or third parties without our prior written approval.

34.  Our total liability in respect to negligent damage to property is restricted to items being assembled or installed by us whilst in our care, custody & control.

35.  The estimate of our fees has been calculated on the basis that we can exclude or limit liability as set out in this Agreement.  You confirm that you will bear yourself (or insure against) any loss for which we have excluded or limited liability.

36.  Nothing in this Agreement will operate to exclude or limit our liability to you or any third party in respect of our negligence as covered by legislation in Australia or in the state in which the installation or assembly was performed.

37.  If either of us is prevented, hindered or delayed from observing or performing our obligations under this Agreement by an act beyond its reasonable control, a "Force Majeure Event", the "Affected Party" will give notice to the other party of the Force Majeure Event and the Affected Party may suspend performance of its obligations under this Agreement, other than payment for Services already performed.

Confidentiality & Privacy                 

38.  Aussemble’s Privacy Policy is outlined in detail at www.assembly.com.au.

39.  We reserve the right to include any comments that you may make upon the completion of the service in reports to the retailer from whom you purchased the item and in any marketing material that we produce.  These comments will be unattributable and will not include your name or your address.

40.  This agreement is subject to the jurisdiction of the Victorian Courts.